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Comparison of the Two Sets of Commandments, Page 7

Levi. 25:41 to Num. 18:17

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He [purchased relative] shall be restored, he and his children, to his possession in the Jubilee year.

Lev 25:41


They shall not be sold as a bondservant.

Lev 25:42

Not to sell him as a slave is sold


Lev 25:43

Not to work him oppressively

You shall buy bondservants only from the nations around you or the foreigners sojourning with you.

Lev 25:44,45


You may make your foreign bondservants an inheritance for your children.

Lev 25:46

Canaanite slaves must work forever unless injured in one of their limbs

An Israelite who sells himself to a sojourner shall be redeemed by his relative or by himself.

Lev 25:47-49


He shall be as a hired servant with the stranger.

Lev 25:53

Not to allow a non-Jew to work him oppressively

If he is not redeemed, he shall be released in the Jubilee year.

Lev 25:54



Lev 26:1

Not to bow down before a smooth stone

You [Moses] shall estimate the value of vows of souls dedicated to the Lord.

Lev 27:2-8



Lev 27:2

To estimate the value of people as determined by the Torah

The procedures and statutes pertaining to dedicated things shall be followed.

Lev 27:9-33



Lev 27:10

Not to substitute another beast for one set apart for sacrifice


Lev 27:10

The new animal, in addition to the substituted one, retains consecration


Lev 27:12,13

To estimate the value of consecrated animals


Lev 27:14

To estimate the value of consecrated houses


Lev 27:16

To estimate the value of consecrated fields


Lev 27:26

Not to change consecrated animals from one type of offering to another


Lev 27:28

Carry out the laws of interdicting possessions (cherem)


Lev 27:28

Not to sell the cherem


Lev 27:28

Not to redeem the cherem


Lev 27:32

Separate the tithe from animals


Lev 27:33

Not to redeem the tithe

Unclean men or women shall be excluded from the congregation.

Num 5:2,3



Num 5:2

To send the impure from the Temple


Num 5:3

Impure people must not enter the Temple

Should a man or woman transgress grievously, he or she shall confess the sin.

Num 5:6,7


The man shall make restitution with a fifth over to the wronged one.

Num 5:7



Num 5:7

To repent and confess wrongdoings

And if there might be no kinsman for the person to whom to recompense the guilt, the guilt restitution shall be for the Lord, for the priest.

Num 5:8


The priest shall follow the procedures pertaining to jealousy and the cursing water of bitterness.

Num 5:12-31



Num 5:15

Not to put oil on her meal offering (as usual)


Num 5:15

Not to put frankincense on her meal offering (as usual)


Num 5:30

To fulfill the laws of the Sotah

If a man or woman swears a Nazirite oath, he/she and the priest shall follow the laws of the Nazarite.

Num 6:2-20



Num 6:3

He must not drink wine, wine mixtures, or wine vinegar


Num 6:3

He must not eat fresh grapes


Num 6:3

He must not eat raisins


Num 6:4

He must not eat grape seeds


Num 6:4

He must not eat grape skins


Num 6:5

The Nazir must let his hair grow


Num 6:5

 He must not cut his hair


Num 6:7

He must not come into contact with the dead


Num 6:6

He must not be under the same roof as a corpse


Num 6:9

He must shave his head after bringing sacrifices upon completion of his Nazirite period

The priests shall bless the children of Israel daily with the threefold blessing.

Num 6:23-26



Num 6:23

The priests must bless the Jewish nation daily


Num 7:9

The Levites must transport the ark on their shoulders

The Levites shall be dedicated to the Lord in place of the first born of the children of Israel.

Num 8:16,18


There shall be a plague among the children of Israel if any of them comes close to the Tabernacle/Temple sanctuary.

Num 8:19


A Levite shall serve in the tent of meeting/Temple from age twenty-five up to age fifty.

Num 8:24,25


After age fifty, a Levite may be only an observer in the tent of meeting/Temple.

Num 8:26



Num 9:1

To hear the Shofar on the first day of Tishrei (Rosh Hashanah)

One who is unclean shall still prepare the paschal lamb and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

Num 9:10,11


One who is too far from the temple must still prepare the paschal lamb and eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs

Num 9:10,11


In the second month on the fourteenth day at dusk they shall prepare it.

Num 9:11



Num 9:11

To slaughter the second Paschal Lamb


Num 9:11

To eat the second Paschal Lamb on the night of the 15th of Iyar

They shall do it according to all the statutes of the Passover.

Num 9:12



Num 9:12

Not to break any bones from the second paschal offering


Num 9:12

Not to leave the second paschal meat over until morning

The soul of one who is clean and close to the Temple and does not observe the Passover shall be cut off from its people.

Num 9:13


You shall make two trumpets of silver that the priests shall keep.

Num 10:2


The priests shall blow on the trumpets to call the congregation.

Num 10:2


The priests shall blow on one trumpet to call the chiefs.

Num 10:3


When you go to war the trumpets shall sound an alarm.

Num 10:9



Num 10:9

To afflict oneself and cry out before God in times of calamity

The priests shall blow the trumpets over the burnt offerings and peace offerings in times of gladness, the appointed seasons, and new moons.

Num 10:10


When you eat you shall offer a gift to the Lord.

Num 15:19


From the first of your dough you shall offer a cake to the Lord.

Num 15:20



Num 15:20

To set aside a portion of dough for a priest

You shall make a fringe on the corners of your garments.

Num 15:38


You shall put a thread of blue with each fringe.

Num 15:38



Num 15:38

To have fringes on four-cornered garments


Num 15:39

Not to follow the whims of your heart or what your eyes see

All the priests shall bear the iniquity of the sanctuary.

Num 18:1


All the priests shall bear the iniquity of the priesthood.

Num 18:1



Num 18:2

To guard the Temple area

The Levites may not come close to the furnishings of the holy place or to the altar during their service.

Num 18:3



Num 18:3

No Levite must do another's work of either a Kohen or a Levite

The Levites shall guard the tent of meeting/Temple courtyard..

Num 18:4



Num 18:4

One who is not a priest must not serve


Num 18:5

Not to leave the Temple unguarded

The dedicated portions of every sin offering, guilt offering, meal offering, and wave offering from the children of Israel shall belong to the priests.

Num 18:9


The wave offering and the first fruits may be eaten by all clean members of the priests' households.

Num 18:11,13


You shall redeem the first born male of the children of Israel and the first born male of an unclean beast.

Num 18:15



Num 18:15

To redeem firstborn sons and give the money to a priest

You shall not redeem the first born of any of your clean farm animals.

Num 18:17



Num 18:17

Not to redeem the firstborn

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