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Comparison of the Two Sets of Commandments, Page 2

Exod. 22:15 to Levi. 5:13

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Maimonides’ Commandment List




The procedures pertaining to a sexual seducer of an unbetrothed maiden shall be followed.

Ex 22:15,16

The court must fine one who sexually seduces a maiden

You shall not let a sorceress live.

Ex 22:17

The court must not let the sorcerer live

Anyone lying with a beast shall be put to death.

Ex 22:18



Ex 22:20

Not to cheat a convert monetarily


Ex 22:20

Not to insult or harm a convert with words

You shall not afflict a widow or orphan.

Exo 22:21

Not to oppress the weak

You shall not take usurious interest from a poor Israelite.

Exo 22:24

Lend to the poor and destitute


Exo 22:24

Not to press them for payment if you know they don't have it


Exo 22:24

Not to intermediate in an interest loan, guarantee, witness, or write the promissory note

If you take a borrower's garment in pledge, you shall return it as evening arrives.

Exo 22:25


You shall not despise God.

Exo 22:27

Not to blaspheme


Exo 22:27

Not to curse judges


Exo 22:27

Not to curse the head of state or leader of the Sanhedrin

You shall not delay the gift of your first fruits or firstborn son.

Exo 22:28

Not to preface one tithe to the next, but separate them in their proper order

After seven days with its dame a newborn animal belongs to God.

Exo 22:29


You shall not eat flesh torn in the field. 

Exo 22:30

Not to eat meat of an animal that was mortally wounded

You shall cast it to a dog.

Exo 22:30


You shall not carry a false report.

Exo 23:1

Judges must not accept testimony unless both parties are present

You shall not be a false witness regarding anyone.

Exo 23:1

Transgressors must not testify

Do not go after an unjust crowd.

Exo 23:2

Decide by majority in case of disagreement

Do not testify on behalf of an unjust crowd.

Exo 23:2

The court must not execute through a majority of one; at least a majority of two is required

Do not favor a cause of a poor person.

Exo 23:3


You shall return your enemy's stray ox or ass to him.

Exo 23:4


You shall help with a burdened ox or ass of one who hates you.

Exo 23:5

Help another remove the load from a beast which can no longer carry it

You shall not pervert justice of your poor in their cause (as a judge).

Exo 23:6

A judge must not decide unjustly the case of the habitual transgressor

You shall avoid a fraudulent matter (as a judge).

Exo 23:7


You shall not slay an innocent or righteous one (as a judge).

Exo 23:7

The court must not kill anybody on circumstantial evidence

You shall not accept a gift (as a judge).

Exo 23:8

Judges must not accept bribes

After six years of working your field, vineyard, and olive yard, you shall let them lie fallow in the seventh year.

Exo 23:10, 11

To leave free all produce which grew in that year

You shall allow the poor and the animals to eat what is left over.

Exo 23:10



Exo 23:12

To rest on the seventh day

You shall not mention the name of other gods.

Exo 23:13

Not to swear in the name of an idol

Each year you shall hold the festivals of (Passover), Shavuoth, and Succoth.

Exo 23:14-16

To celebrate on these three Festivals (bring a peace offering)

Each of your males shall appear before the Lord at these festivals.

Exo 23:17


You shall not offer the blood of a sacrifice with leavened bread.

Exo 23:18

Not to slaughter it while in possession of leaven

The fat shall not lay all night until the morning.

Exo 23:18

Not to leave the fat overnight

You shall bring the choicest of the first fruits of your land to the tent of meeting/Temple.

Exo 23:19

To set aside the first fruits and bring them to the Temple

You shall not cook a kid with the milk of its mother.

Exo 23:19

Not to eat mixtures of milk and meat cooked together


Exo 23:25

To serve the Almighty with prayer

Let them not dwell in your land.

Exo 23:33

Not to let the Canaanites dwell in the Land of Israel


Exo 25:8

To build a Temple


Exo 25:15

Not to remove the staves from the ark

You shall set the show bread continually on the table.

Exo 25:30

To make the show bread

You shall bring pure beaten olive oil to the priests for the perpetual lamp of the holy place.

Exo 27:20


The high priest shall keep the lamp lit throughout every night.

Exo 27:21

To light the Menorah every day


Exo 28:2

The priests must wear their priestly garments during service


Exo 28:28

The High Priest’s breastplate must not be loosened from the Efod


Exo 28:32

Not to tear the priestly garments

The high priest shall wear the holy garments on coming in to minister in the holy place.

Exo 28:43


The heave offering from the peace offerings shall be an everlasting due for Aaron and his descendants.

Exo 29:28


The high priests after Aaron shall wear the holy garments for seven days before ministering in the holy place.

Exo 29:30



Exo 29:33

The priests must eat the sacrificial meat in the Temple


Exo 29:33

A non-priest must not eat sacrificial meat

A burnt offering shall be offered at the entrance of the tent of meeting every day throughout your generations.

Exo 29:42


The high priest shall burn incense every morning and evening throughout the generations.

Exo 30:7,8

To burn incense every day

You shall not offer anything but holy incense on the incense altar.

Exo 30:9

Not to burn anything on the Golden Altar besides incense

The high priest shall make atonement on the horns of the incense altar once a year.

Exo 30:10



Exo 30:13

Each man must give a half shekel annually


Exo 30:19

A priest must wash his hands and feet before service

The high priest shall wash himself and his hands and feet before entering the Tabernacle/Temple.

Exo 30:20, 21


The priests shall wash themselves and their hands and feet before entering the courtyard.

Exo 30:20, 21



Exo 30:31

To prepare the anointing oil

You shall not pour the holy anointing oil on the flesh of any other than that of Aaron and his sons.

Exo 30:32

Not to anoint with anointing oil

You shall not make an oil using the ingredients of the holy anointing oil.

Exo 30:32

Not to reproduce the anointing oil

Anyone compounding something like the holy anointing oil or putting it on a stranger shall be cut off from his people.

Exo 30:33


You shall make no incense like the holy incense of the tent of meeting.

Exo 30:37

Not to reproduce the incense formula

Anyone duplicating the holy incense for his enjoyment shall be cut off from his people.

Exo 30:38


Whoever profanes the Sabbath shall surely die.

Exo 31:14



Exo 34.21

To rest the land during the seventh year by not doing any work which enhances growth

You shall not kindle a fire in all of your habitations on the Sabbath.

Exo 35:3



Lev 1:3

Carry out the procedure of the burnt offering as prescribed in the Torah

The procedures for a burnt offering shall be followed.

Lev 1:3-17



Lev 2:1

To bring meal offerings as prescribed in the Torah

The procedures for a meal offering shall be followed.

Lev 2:1-16



Lev 2:11

Not to burn honey or yeast on the altar


Lev 2:13

To salt all sacrifices


Lev 2:13

Not to omit the salt from sacrifices

The procedures for a peace offering shall be followed.

Lev 3:1-16



Lev 3:11

Not to put frankincense on the meal offerings of wrongdoers

You shall not eat the fat or blood of an animal that could have been offered to the Lord.

Lev 3:17

Not to eat blood


Lev 3:17

Not to eat certain fats of clean animals

The procedures for a sin offering shall be followed

Lev 4:2-35



Lev 4:13

The Sanhedrin must bring an offering (in the Temple) when it rules in error


Lev 4:27

Every person must bring a sin offering (in the Temple) for his transgression

One who does not testify as a witness shall bear his iniquity and must confess his sin.

Lev 5:1

Anybody who knows evidence must testify in court

One who comes in contact with an unclean thing, knowingly or not, shall be unclean and guilty.

Lev 5:2


One who comes in contact with the uncleanness of a man, once he learns of it, shall be guilty.

Lev 5:3


One who swears rashly or speaks an oath of which he is  unaware, when he knows it, he shall be guilty.

Lev 5:4


One who is guilty of any of these shall confess his sin.

Lev 5:5


He shall bring a female lamb or kid for a sin offering.

Lev 5:6


If he cannot afford these, he shall bring two turtle doves or young pigeons, one for a sin offering, one for a burnt offering.

Lev 5:7



Lev 5:7-11

Bring a temple offering (if the person is wealthy, an animal; if poor, a bird or meal offering)


Lev 5:8

Not to decapitate a fowl brought as a sin offering

The procedures for the turtle dove or pigeon offerings shall be observed.

Lev 5:8-10


If he cannot afford these, he shall bring a sin offering of a tenth of an ephah of fine flour.

Lev 5:11



Lev 5:11

Not to put oil on the meal offerings of wrongdoers

The procedures for this meal offering shall be followed.

Lev 5:11-13


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