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Comparison of the Two Sets of Commandments, Page 12

Deut. 24:17 to Deut. 32:38

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You shall not take a garment as collateral from a widow.

Deu 24:17



Deu 24:17

Not to demand collateral from a widow


Deu 24:17

A judge must not pervert a case involving a convert or orphan

If you forget a sheaf when you are reaping your harvest, you shall not go back to get it.

Deu 24:19

To leave the forgotten sheaves in the field


Deu 24:19

Not to retrieve them

When you beat your olive tree, you shall not glean after yourself.

Deu 24:20


When you gather the grapes of your vineyard, you shall not glean after yourself.

Deu 24:21


You shall leave a forgotten sheaf, olive tree gleanings, and vineyard gleanings for the stranger, the orphan, and the widow.

Deu 24:19-21


When judging between a righteous one and a wicked one, the judge shall direct lashes for the latter sufficient for the degree of his wickedness.

Deu 25:1,2



Deu 25:2

The court must give lashes to the wrongdoer

No more than forty lashes shall be permitted for punishment in a dispute before the judge.

Deu 25:3



Deu 25:3

The court must not exceed the prescribed number of lashes

You shall not muzzle an ox working in a corn crop.

Deu 25:4



Deu 25:4

Not to muzzle an ox while plowing

The statutes pertaining to the surviving brother-in-law shall be observed.

Deu 25:5-10



Deu 25:5

To perform yibbum (marry the widow of one's childless brother)


Deu 25:5

The widow must not remarry until the ties with her brother-in-law are removed (by halizah)


Deu 25:9

To perform halizah (free the widow of one's childless brother from yibbum)

If a woman grabs the private parts of a man fighting with her husband, you shall cut off her hand.

Deu 25:11,12



Deu 25:12

Save someone being pursued even by taking the life of the pursuer


Deu 25:13

Not to possess inaccurate scales and weights even if they are not for use

You shall not forget to blot out the memory of Amalek.

Deu 25:19



Deu 25:19

Remember what Amalek did to the Jewish people


Deu 25:19

Not to forget Amalek's atrocities and ambush on our journey from Egypt in the desert

You shall give the basket of first fruits of the land to the priest and declare and testify these verses to him.

Deu 26:3-10



Deu 26:5

To read the Torah portion pertaining to their presentation

When you have completed your third-year tithe, you shall say before the Lord the declaration in vss. 13 - 15.

Deu 26:12-15



Deu 26:13

To read the confession of tithes every fourth and seventh year

One in mourning, thus unclean, may not eat of the third-year tithe.

Deu 26:14


None of the third-year tithe may be given for the dead.

Deu 26:14



Deu 26:14

Not to spend its redemption money on anything but food, drink, or ointment


Deu 26:14

Not to eat Ma'aser Sheni while impure


Deu 22:26

The court must not punish anybody who was forced to do a crime


Deu 28:9

To emulate His ways

Every seventh year on Sukkoth in the year of release, the Torah shall be read to all assembled before the Lord.

Deu 31:12



Deu 31:12

To assemble all the people on the Sukkot following the seventh year


Deu 31:19

Each male must write a Torah scroll


Deu 32:38

Not to drink wine poured in service to idols

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