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Comparison of the Two Sets of Commandments, Page 10

Deut. 17:1 to Deut. 22:4

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Deu 17:1

Not to offer a temporarily blemished animal

When stoning a guilty idol worshiper, the first to cast stones shall be the witnesses

Deu 17:7


When a matter of any judgment is too difficult for you, you shall consult, the priests, Levites, and the judge in the place of the Lord.

Deu 17:8,9


You shall follow the decree they will declare.

Deu 17:10



Deu 17:11

Act according to the ruling of the Sanhedrin


Deu 17:11

Not to deviate from the word of the Sanhedrin

You shall put over you only a king whom the Lord chooses.

Deu 17:15


You shall set as king only one of your kindred.

Deu 17:15



Deu 17:15

Appoint a king from Israel

You shall not set a king over you who is a stranger, one who is not of your kindred.

Deu 17:15



Deu 17:15

Not to appoint a foreigner

The king shall not amass horses for himself.

Deu 17:16



Deu 17:16

The king must not have too many horses

The king shall not lead the people back to Egypt.

Deu 17:16



Deu 17:16

Not to dwell permanently in Egypt

The king shall not amass wives for himself.

Deu 17:16



Deu 17:17

The king must not have too many wives

The king shall not amass a treasure of silver or gold.

Deu 17:17



Deu 17:17

The king must not have too much silver and gold

The king shall write a copy of the Torah for himself.

Deu 17:18



Deu 17:18

The king must have a separate Sefer Torah for himself

The king shall read the Torah all the days of his life.

Deu 17:19



Deu 18:1

The Tribe of Levi must not be given a portion of the land in Israel, rather they are given cities to dwell in


Deu 18:1

The Levites must not take a share in the spoils of war

When you offer an ox or sheep, you shall give the shoulder, jaws, and belly to the priest.

Deu 18:3

To give the foreleg, two cheeks, and abomasum of slaughtered animals to a Priest

You shall give the priest the first fruits of your grain, wine, oil, and the first of the fleece of your sheep.

Deu 18:4



Deu 18:4

To set aside Terumah Gedolah (gift for the priest)


Deu 18:4

To give the first shearing of sheep to a Kohen

When a Levite comes to the Temple, wanting to minister there, he shall minister as his brethren.

Deu 18:6,7



Deu 18:6-8

The work of the priest's shifts must be equal during holidays

The new Levite shall consume equally with his brethren besides his due according to the fathers’ households.

Deu 18:8


A practitioner of divination shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:10



Deu 18:10

Not to go into a trance to foresee events, etc.

A soothsayer shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:10



Deu 18:10


An enchanter shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:10


A sorcerer shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:10

Not to perform acts of magic

A user of charms shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:11

Not to mutter incantations

A consultant of a familiar spirit or ghost shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:11


One who questions the dead shall not be found among you.

Deu 18:11

Not to attempt to contact the dead


Deu 18:11

Not to consult the ov


Deu 18:11

Not to consult the yidoni

You shall listen to the prophet of the Lord.

Deu 18:15

To listen to the prophet speaking in His Name


Deu 18:20

Not to prophesy falsely in the name of God


Deu 18:22

Not to be afraid of the false prophet

You shall set apart three cities of refuge.

Deu 19:1,2


You shall divide your territory into three with one city in each.

Deu 19:1-3


You shall provide roads to the cities of refuge.

Deu 19:1-3



Deu 19:3

Designate cities of refuge and prepare routes of access

When your territory is enlarged to all of the Promised Land, you shall set apart three other cities.

Deu 19:8,9


You shall not pity a murderer.

Deu 19:13



Deu 19:13

A judge must not pity the murderer or assaulter at the trial

You shall not move a landmark of your neighbor.

Deu 19:14



Deu 19:14

Not to move a boundary marker to steal someone's property

Guilt for an iniquity or sin shall be established on the basis of no less than two witnesses.

Deu 19:15



Deu 19:15

Not to accept testimony from a lone witness


Deu 19:17

A witness must not serve as a judge in capital crimes

You shall do to a false witness what he tried to do to his neighbor.

Deu 19:18,19

Punish the false witnesses as they tried to punish the defendant

When you are preparing to go into battle the priest shall remind the warriors of God's being with them.

Deu 20:1-4



Deu 20:2

Appoint a priest to speak with the soldiers during the war


Deu 20:3

Not to panic and retreat during battle

When preparing for battle the officers shall excuse those with new homes not yet lived in, those having planted vineyards not yet harvested, those who have not consecrated their marriage, and those who are faint-hearted.

Deu 20:5-8


When you will approach a far away city to fight it, you shall make it an offer of peace.

Deu 20:10

Offer peace terms to the inhabitants of a city while holding siege, and treat them according to the Torah if they accept the terms

If a city responds with peace, all of its people shall be tribute for you and shall serve you.

Deu 20:11


If a city fights with you, you shall lay siege on it and you shall smite all its males.

Deu 20:12,13


The women, children, and cattle and all that is in the conquered city shall be spoil for you.

Deu 20:14


From the cities of these peoples, the inheritance that the Lord, your God, will be giving you, you shall not let anything breathing live.

Deu 20:16

Not to let any of them remain alive

When you lay siege to a city you shall not destroy any fruit trees.

Deu 20:19

Not to destroy food trees even during the siege

When you lay siege to a city you may cut down only trees that will bear no fruit.

Deu 20:20


The procedures for an unsolved murder shall be followed.

Deu 21:1-9



Deu 21:4

Break the neck of a calf by the river valley following an unsolved murder


Deu 21:4

Not to work nor plant that river valley

The procedures for the captive woman shall be followed.

Deu 21:10-14



Deu 21:11

Keep the laws of the captive woman


Deu 21:14

Not to sell her into slavery


Deu 21:14

Not to retain her for servitude after having sexual relations with her

A man who has two wives shall give double to his first born son if he is of the less desirable wife.

Deu 21:15-17


Parents of a chastened but unrepentant rebellious and stubborn son who is a glutton and a drunkard shall take him to be stoned to death by the men of the city.

Deu 21:18-21



Deu 21:18

Not to be a rebellious son

The body of a convicted sinner who is put to death and has been hanged on a tree shall be taken down and buried the same day.

Deu 21:22,23



Deu 21:22

The courts must hang those stoned for blasphemy or idolatry


Deu 21:23

Bury the executed on the day they are killed


Deu 21:23

Not to delay burial overnight

You shall return anything lost by your kinsman to him.

Deu 22:1-3


You shall not keep hidden anything your kinsman loses.

Deu 22:1-3



Deu 22:1

Return the lost object


Deu 22:3

Not to ignore a lost object

You shall help your kinsman to lift his burdened fallen animal.

Deu 22:4



Deu 22:4

Help others load their beast


Deu 22:4

Not to leave others distraught with their burdens (but to help either load or unload)

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