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Comparison of the Two Sets of Commandments, Page 1

Gene. 1:28 to Exod. 22:14

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Ge 1:28

To have children with one's wife

Every male in your family and of your descendants must be circumcised.

Ge 17:10


Circumcise every Jewish newborn male at age 8 days.

Ge 17:12


In every generation a male born in your house or bought from a stranger who is not from your seed shall be circumcised.

Ge 17:12



Ge 32:33

Not to eat the sinew of the thigh

The month of Aviv (Nisan} shall be the first month of each year.

Ex 12:2

Courts must calculate to determine when a new month begins


Ex 12:6

To slaughter the paschal sacrifice at the specified time


Ex 12:8

To eat the Paschal Lamb with matzah and Marror on the night of the fourteenth of Nisan


Ex 12:9

Not to eat the paschal meat raw or boiled


Ex 12:10

Not to leave any meat from the paschal offering over until morning 

You shall observe the Passover on the 15th day of the first month forever.

Ex 12:14


You shall eat unleavened bread for seven days.

Ex 12:15


On the day before the Passover you shall put away all leaven from your houses.

Ex 12:15

To destroy all chametz on 14th day of Nisan

You shall observe a holy convocation on the first and seventh days.

Ex 12:16


You shall do no work on the first and seventh days, other than preparing food.

Ex 12:16



Ex 12:18

To eat matzah on the first night of Passover 

No leaven shall be found in your houses for seven days.

Ex 12:19

Not to find chametz in your domain seven days


Ex 12:20

Not to eat mixtures containing chametz all seven days of Passover

You shall explain to your children why the celebration is observed.

Ex 12:27


No foreigner shall eat of the paschal lamb.

Ex 12:43

An apostate must not eat from it

No sojourner or hired hand (unless circumcised) shall eat of it.

Ex 12:45

A permanent or temporary hired worker must not eat from it

The paschal lamb shall be eaten in one house.

Ex 12:46


None of the flesh of the paschal lamb shall be taken from the house.

Ex 12:46

Not to take the paschal meat from the confines of the group

None of the bones of the paschal lamb shall be broken.

Ex 12:46

Not to break any bones from the paschal offering

No one uncircumcised may eat of the paschal lamb.

Ex 12:48

An uncircumcised male must not eat from it


Ex 12:48

An uncircumcised priest must not eat Terumah (heave offering)

Every first born male shall be sanctified to the Lord.

Ex 13:2


Leaven shall not be eaten during Passover. 

Ex 13:3

Not to eat chametz all seven days of Passover

Leaven shall not be seen throughout Israel during Passover.

Ex 13:7

Not to see chametz in your domain seven days

You shall tell the story of Passover every year.

Ex 13:8

To relate the Exodus from Egypt on that night

Every male firstling of an animal shall be for the Lord.

Ex 13:11,12

To set aside the firstborn animals

You shall redeem the firstling of an ass with a lamb.

Ex 13:13

To redeem the firstborn donkey by giving a lamb to a priest

If you do not redeem it, you shall break its neck.

Ex 13:13

To break the neck of the donkey if the owner does not intend to redeem it

You shall redeem the first born male of the children of Israel.

Ex 13:13


On the day before the Sabbath you shall prepare food for two days.                  See Comm. 26.

Ex 16:23


You shall not prepare food on the Sabbath.

                                See Comm. 27.

Ex 16:23



Ex 16:26

Not to walk outside the city boundary on Shabbat

Know that I am the Lord, your God.

Ex 20:2

To know there is a God

You shall have no other gods before me.

Ex 20:3

Not to even think that there are other gods besides Him

You shall not fashion a graven image.

Ex 20:4


You shall not bow down to a graven image.

Ex 20:5

Not to make an idol for yourself


Ex 20:6

Not to worship idols in the manner they are worshiped


Ex 20:6

Not to worship idols in the four ways we worship God

You shall not take up the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.

Ex 20:7

Not to take God's Name in vain

Remember the Sabbath, to keep it sacred.

Ex 20:8



Ex 20:9

To sanctify the [Sabbath] day with Kiddush and Havdalah

You shall do none of your work on the Sabbath.

Ex 20:10

Not to do prohibited labor on the seventh day

 Honor your father and your mother.

Ex 20:12

Respect your father or mother

You shall not murder.

Ex 20:13

Not to murder

You shall not commit adultery.

Ex 20:13


You shall not steal.

Ex 20:13

Not to kidnap

You shall not be a false witness regarding your neighbor.

Ex 20:13

Not to testify falsely

You shall not covet anything of your neighbor's.

Ex 20:14

Not to covet and scheme to acquire another's possession


Ex 20:20

Not to make human forms even for decorative purposes   

You shall not make an altar of hewn stone.

Ex 20:22

Not to build the altar with stones hewn by metal

You shall not climb steps to the altar.

Ex 20:23

Not to climb steps to the altar

The procedures pertaining to a Hebrew man-servant shall be followed.

Ex 21:2-6

Purchase a Hebrew slave in accordance with the prescribed laws

The procedures pertaining to a sold maid-servant shall be followed.

Ex 21:7-11

Redeem Jewish maidservants


Ex 21:8

Betroth the Jewish maidservant


Ex 21:8

The master must not sell his maidservant


Ex 21:10

Not to withhold food, clothing, and sexual relations from your wife

The procedures pertaining to one who mortally wounds another shall be followed

Ex 21:12-14


One who strikes his mother or father shall die.

Ex 21:15

Not to strike your father and mother

A kidnapper shall die.

Ex 21:16


One who curses his mother or father shall die.

Ex 21:17

Not to curse your father and mother

If in a fight one injures the other, and the latter survives, the former is responsible for compensation and medical expenses.

Ex 21:18,19

The court must implement laws against the one who assaults another or damages another's property

If one strikes his servant so he dies, the master is to be punished.

Ex 21:20

The courts must carry out the death penalty of the sword

But if the servant lives for two days or less, he is not punished.

Ex 21:21


If in a fight a pregnant woman bystander is struck so she has a miscarriage, but she is unharmed, the guilty one shall pay a fine.

Ex 21:22


But if harm results, then a life for a life or any other equal punishment is permitted.

Ex 21:23-25


If a master blinds an eye of his servant, the servant goes free.

Ex 21:26


If a master causes the loss of his servant's tooth, the servant goes free.

Ex 21:27


The procedures pertaining to damage by or to oxen shall be followed.

Ex 21:28-37



Ex 21:28

Not to benefit from an ox condemned to be stoned


Ex 21:28

The court must judge the damages incurred by a goring ox


Ex 21:33

The court must judge the damages incurred by a pit


Ex 21:37

The court must implement punitive measures against the thief

The procedures pertaining to a burglar shall be followed.

Ex 22:1-2


If one's animal is allowed to feed in another's field or vineyard, he shall repay with the best of his field or vineyard.

Ex 22:4

The court must judge the damages incurred by an animal eating

One who starts a fire accidentally or on purpose shall make restitution.

Ex 22:5

The court must judge the damages incurred by fire

If something left for safekeeping with another is stolen, the thief shall repay double.

Ex 22:6

The courts must carry out the laws of an unpaid guard

If the thief is not found, the safekeeper shall be tried to determine if he was responsible.

Ex 22:7


In a dispute in which two people claim something to be theirs, they shall be tried, and the one who is found wrong pays double.

Ex 22:8

The courts must carry out the laws of the plaintiff, admitter, or denier

The procedures pertaining to a borrowed animal shall be followed.

Ex 22:9-14



Ex 22:9-12

The courts must carry out the laws of a hired worker and hired guard


Ex 22:13,14

The courts must carry out the laws of a borrower

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